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Online Shopping, Make Your Store Stick Out

I was recently asked by a friend to help him with some thoughts about how to increase visitors to his online store. He opened an online shop as another way to make money like a commercial airline pilot when he's not flying the skies. http://theiambrand.com/

When he asked me to help out, I was more than very happy to offer him some suggestions which are free and may help boost online traffic to his shop and hopefully his revenue too. I made the decision to discuss these ideas on Hub Pages also since they are able to actually apply to anybody who's looking for free ways to increase traffic to their online store, site, web site, or Hub.

I worked at an advertising business for a couple of years in New York State and before that I worked for a small children's fashion-designer helping them with their online sales. I have learned a couple of tricks that can really help small business. A lot of my ideas are free and should only take several hours out of the week.

1. www.YouTube.com - Post any comparative video assets you've got on YouTube. However, more importantly this is a free video flowing and hosting source in order to link to your own video on YouTube whether than paying to host it in your website. Make sure you include links to your website!

The idea is the fact that users pin their favourite things to the website (that contains links to the first website) and then they get repinned...immediate viral attention. You may create a free account and trap some of your own hot items on there and view the love spread. Obviously with all these suggestions the idea is to not be so self promoting so be sure to include some related products from some other businesses that you think your customer base will also want to consider or include inspirations for your own designs so it does not appear too self prompting.

3. www.Facebook.com - Have you got business page? If not...get one! No excuse not to be about the #1 social media website. Also, you shouldn't be afraid to hide your private side. Let clients see it! So do not hide it people are on social web sites to make individual connections. Post there once in a while to keep it fresh.

4. www.Twitter.com - Personally I don't have the time or patience for this particular one...but it truly is free and another strategy to promote your business/get on-line visitors. Just follow the fundamental rules of not being too self promoting, follow individuals to acquire followers, use hashtags where appropriate, and be participating. There are cool instruments to suggest followers, track mentions, etc. if you choose to utilize Twitter.

5. Blog/Media Outreach - That is my favourite and most effective suggestion to getting traffic and free (or virtually free) PR for your company or site. Whilst the other suggestions are free but time consuming...this will cost you the price of your own goods, but worth it if it gets in the right hands! For my friend who possesses the t shirt company, I told him to research a listing of popular trend or alternative sites that cater to your target audience (young, hip, Eco friendly, and so on). Then get in touch with them via e-mail telling them that you love their website (which you will if they function you) and that you would really like to send them a t-shirt in order for them to free to review.. Incorporate a BRIEF writeup about your own firm as well as a link to that YouTube video. One thing to really notice is that bloggers love including videos and images with their posts but hate doing the dirty work. Make it simple for them by already giving it to them. As soon as you have a generic email you can just repurpose it for each specific blog or media. Make certain to tailor it a little each time(think cv and cover letter). For every 10 or 20 emails you send you could get 1 answer back. Do not get discouraged...it's like work - all you require is the right one. The best way is to scale your little campaign, so hop over to a local business directory like Somerset Businesses   then take a copy of all business details in relevant categories and try and contact them. The best thing about using a business directory like that is that a lot of the categorisation has been done for you, meaning you dont need to do as much research! When they react, send them as rapidly as possible the t shirt in their size they requested or whichever you believe suits their or their site's style or your biggest seller this month (don't have one...make it up!). When sending the shirt so make sure it looks great presentation is essential. You can certainly do this for blogs, magazines (send to fashion editors), celebrities (yes they release their contact information!). In case it's a magazine, send them the product with a word of how you'd want to speak to them about being featured in their "clean" section (guys's section...gift guide section...fashion section...etc). Don't forget to include ALL of your details! While I am on this topic...you should set up Google Alerts to notify you when someone mentions your brand. Finally, since this really does cost you a tiny, emphasis on heavy hitters that'll get you the most interest, audience but DO NOT FORGET the ideal market audiences that although small are your ideal customers.

Another hint to get bloggers or media focus is always to use whatever makes your company stand out to get a foot in the door and become seen. For my friend's business, he gives an annual scholarship to one entrepreneur every year - http://theiambrand.com/fundraiser.html. This Good Goes Around Award should really be a fantastic way to acquire his brand's name out on a ton of technology and entrepreneur sites that may not typically include a t-shirt company.

One more thing, bloggers love competitions. You too can supply a t-shirt give-away for their blog. Exposure plus prompt consumer! Giveaways are loved by bloggers since it gets them more traffic and you may love it for the same rationale.

Try to acquire on any gift guide you can in 2013! A lot of sites create these present guides not by doing the research themselves, but by all of the new products so attempt to be in front of as many you can this year they're sent to test.

When delivering merchandise to magazines, looking online for their editorial calendar. Each issue usually has a style, that is how they determine the ads, the articles, etc and they publish the final date to get in each individual edition. Foe example they usually wrapup their holiday dilemma in August. Look that variant you think your product will fit in better to increase your odds getting highlighted. Back to school tools for teenagers? Perfect for my friend's t shirt business!

Have you ever thought about selling your merchandise through 1 of these in addition to your own own personal site? They do have a cut and clients really do not possess the total experience of the store, however, many folks still feel safer purchasing from these more promised sites. These hints isn't right for everyone, but may be worth looking at. These websites also got their own traffic already developed so customers are already heading there.

7. Online Reviews - I know people love your merchandise so produce a section in your website with customer feedback. Unsure about the way to get reviews? Step one would be to get your close friends and family review the product. They probably are already fans so that it will be fantastic to get some great comments promptly on your website. Next, have a competition on Facebook for clients to send photographs to it of them in their own top. Currently the review are on Facebook and you can post the best ones on your site also. Customers feel good about buying things online which were reviewed.

8. Feature a Merchandise of the Month - This is a very easy, sneaky tip which I discovered in my design job. We showcased one designer ensemble a month which was somewhat less expensive than the rest (a few dollars). The beauty of the tip is twofold. Customers think they are getting a deal which they love and also you get repeat customers who keep coming back trying to find this particular month's deal. Also, it really is excellent info to tweet or Facebook one time per month!

9. Wholesale - You really ought to consider a wholesale section in your site if appropriate. There are a few rules (they need to get a tax ID, etc) but this is a great solution to sell your product in mass!

Don't Forget!

Lastly, a couple of tips to consider when marketing your site online:
1. Include links to your website in everything! I mean everything!! Start including it in your private e-mail signature. In case you are mentioning a specific product, a direct link to that item on your website (not the website) is much appreciated..

2. Don't be too self promoting. Clients love to "find" great products online, not be sold them. It is probably the biggest turnoff for online customers. Just think of it as a substantial community and make sure you scratch another person's back when they scratch yours. For example, if a blog ger posts a fine review of your shirts or website, in case you like his blog give him a yell back or actual complement about his blog for his readers to examine.

3. There are a lot of free ways to promote your company on the web however they are time consuming. You can pay somebody to do-it but no one understands the brand as you! Have fun and simply make a priority to it to do a few hours to a little on-line promotion each week.

I am hoping you enjoyed these tips and have fun promoting your site!

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